Red Kite Ride 2021



Written by Mark Reynolds on 25th July 2021


              Enjoying the cool sea air at the dawn start


Chasing the Sun (and dodging the rain!)

Authored by Mark Reynolds on 5th July 2021


Photo courtesy of Nick Druiff

Who is this young man often showing a clean pair of heals to the established riders - Meet Oscar


In the year or so Oscar has been a member he has certainly made an impact..Riding with the Black group he nearly always drops the established riders on the climbs and is wise beyond his years. Read on to find out more about what has lead him to this point and what he hopes for the future.

Q. How long have you been cycling, and what attracted you to it

A catch up with fast group regular Chris West

Chris is a regular member of the clubs Sunday morning fast group, and often particpates in long distance events. We caught up with him just as lockdown restrictions were about to be relaxed.  


Q. When and what made you start cycling.

Club 10tt's every Thursday at 7pm - Shurlock Row HCC234

Take part in our club TT every Thursday evening on the HCC234 Shurlock Row course @ 7pm.  The events are open to club members and non-members.  If the events are over subscribed priority will be given to club members.

To enter please email with the following information prior to midday on the Tuesday before:

A catch up with John Gibson


John has been a member of the club since 2012 and is a regular member of the clubs Medium Sunday ride group. Read on to find out more:

Q. When and what made you start cycling.

Looking back at the club with Hon Member Stephen Pitts


Following on from our interview with Life Member John Parfitt, it is great to get catch up with Honorary Member Stephen Pitts, and get another view of what the club, and cycling used to be like.

Q. When did you start cycling, and how many years did you ride for?

Trevor Bradbury - Showing no signs of slowing down!


For those of you who do not attend the club's TT's, or go out with the fast group, you could be forgiven for not knowing Trevor. However, those riding with the that group know him well, or rather know his back well, as we try to hold his wheel! Age certainly does not seem to be having any effect on his performances.


A Chat with Fast Group Regular - Peter Loveridge

Q. When and what made you start cycling

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