Trevor Bradbury - Showing no signs of slowing down!


For those of you who do not attend the club's TT's, or go out with the fast group, you could be forgiven for not knowing Trevor. However, those riding with the that group know him well, or rather know his back well, as we try to hold his wheel! Age certainly does not seem to be having any effect on his performances.


Q. When and what made you start cycling

A. Apart from the usual to and from school between the ages of 9 and 16 I started riding mountain bikes regularly when we moved down here from the Midlands in 1998. I got myself a coach and started competing regularly on the track in around 2002 when my youngest son, Stephen, started racing at Palmer Park Velo.


Q. You are a very successful competitor. Could you tell us about what events you ride and your achievements

A. On the track I compete in the points race, scratch race, omnium and the Reading Track League and on the road mostly in BMCR events. I also like to ride in the MDCC weekly time trials, but more by way of additional training than competitively. I have won the BMCR national points race and scratch race numerous times and the omnium twice in addition to many podium places in both BMCR and BC events. On the road I have been runner-up on a number of occasions and winner of the season-long MSTina/Toachim Vets road race series in 2013 and 2015 and third in the BMCR National Road Race. I have also won the B Reading Track League. Internationally my best result has been sixth in the World Masters points race.


Q. Is cycling the only sport you do

A. I also enjoy alpine skiing in the winter and mountain walking during the summer.


Q. How often do you ride, and apart from cycling do you do other types of training 

A. I ride my bike six days a week and also do two gym session and a pilates class


Q. What other hobbies do you have

A. Rather boringly, with bike riding, cleaning and maintenance I don’t have much time for anything else. I am, however, a bit of a crossword addict.


Q. What is your most memorable ride

A. For all the wrong reasons, it is the three-day tour of Wessex many years ago when I was still at work. It was one of those events where you could either ride one, two or three days. I had been deeply involved in some corporate activity in the days lading-up to the event, with very little sleep. I finished work on the eve of the event very late and then set-off by car, arriving at the campsite where we were staying with friends very close to midnight. Day one was fine, albeit we probably rode too hard in a group of riders only doing the one day. Unfortunately, on day two everything caught-up with me and I blew-up spectacularly at about half-way round to the point where I could hardly turn the pedals. Fortunately I was riding with a chum who somehow managed to coax me round the remainder of the course. I remember remarking to him that were a van to pull-up in front of us I would happily have put my bike in the back and gone to sleep. Needless to say I didn’t do day three. That was definitely my worst day on a bike ever!


Q. Your first claim club is Python so why did you join MDCC, and what do you like about the club 

A. I used to enjoy taking-part in the Thursday evening Time Trials and was so impressed not only with the organisation (which was/is head and shoulders above any other local weekday events) but also the warm and friendly welcome I received, that I wanted to join the club, get to know other members and make a contribution to and participate in other club activities.


Q. I believe your son has a professional cycling contract now. Does he still take advise from Dad

A. There is certainly nothing that I can teach him about bike riding/racing/training, but I’m still able to give him useful help and advice on the mechanical side of things.


Q. Does anyone else in the family cycle

A. My other (eldest) son also rides and is a qualified ride leader at his local club. My wife also rides in addition to being a qualified club coach, a Regional Road and National Track Commissaire and organiser of the Reading Track League.


Q. If you could have any bike what would it be

A. The new Giant TCR Advanced SL0 Road Race bike.


Q. How have you managed in 2020 with all of its challenges

A. It has been a very strange year, with no track or road racing and all too infrequent club rides. Whilst I have missed the all-out intensity of racing, this has afforded me the opportunity to include more volume and, in so doing, rack-up over 11,000 miles on the road during the course of the year.