A Chat With David Ferris - Possibly The Clubs Most Improved Member Since Covid


Q. When and what made you start cycling.

A. I started cycling when I was in my 20’s and my go to route was a 30 mile loop around Windsor Great Part and Virginia Water. That was hard work on a Reynolds 501 with downtube shifters.

My goal was to get to a level of fitness that would allow me to train and qualify for my Skydiving Licence. Once I gained my licence cycling took a back seat as I travelled around Europe jumping out of perfectly serviceable planes


Q. What sort of riding do you enjoy

A. Flat! I’m sure my ancestors must have been Dutch lol.

I know Mike Woods takes great pleasure in organising Sunday routes with as many tough climbs as possible, mainly to annoy Stuart Auckland, but inside I’m always cringing.


Q. Is cycling the only sport you do

A. Yes, it is now. After getting married I gave up the skydiving as this tends to take up a lot of time….which is fine when you’re single. My career in sales takes me away to the Far East for around 50 percent of the year and while travelling I keep my fitness levels up by using the hotel gyms each day before breakfast. Luckily 5 star hotels in Asia are reasonably priced and the hotel gyms are excellent, not just a treadmill stuck away in a spare bedroom.


Q. How often do you ride

A. Usually just Saturday and Sunday. However, the one good thing to come out of Lockdown is that I haven’t seen an airport since March and I’m working from home. So this year I’ve been on the bike pretty much everyday

And with no large group rides drafting is out of the question. This has enabled me to increase my levels of fitness and keep up with the fast group on Sundays.


Q. Other than cycling what are your other hobbies do you have

A. Cleaning the bikes, Is that a hobby?? Apart from cycling and walking the dog, that’s about it. Wherever I am in the world I try to learn as much about the local culture as possible and I always travel with a professional camera, not that I’m any good, but it makes you stop and really look at the people and places you visit.


Q. What is your most memorable ride

A. I have a few, if that’s ok?

Cycling with colleagues in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are all great.

Cycling in was fantastic, even with the traffic! I was so glad I was using flat pedals that day and not clip-ins

Next year I have travel plans in Taiwan so I’m hoping I can try the Taiwan KOM Challenge, even if it's just a short piece of it.


Q. Why did you join MDCC and what do you enjoy most about the club

A. To be with like-minded people. I love solitary rides during the week as it helps me unwind, but I also love the Sunday group rides and all the banter that goes with it.

Being in the club gave me goals to work towards. From day one the goal was to get into the fast group, and to be honest I didn’t think I would.

I can’t speak about other clubs as I never joined any before, but MDCC seems to be just one big family looking out for each other.

After joining, my mum who is now 86 years old, told me she was a member of the club back in the 50’s when the club house was an old Anderson shelter lol.


Q. Does anyone else in the family cycle

A. No just me. Mum’s a bit old now


Q. If you could have any bike what would it be

A. Only one? I’ve tried to explain the N+1 rule to Celine my wife but she chooses not to understand.

I always wanted a steel framed De Rosa when I was in my 20’s but could never afford it. Now I have 2

If money was no object, there’s a bespoke frame manufacturer in Melbourne, Bastion Cycles. hey produce some dreamy bikes and use 3D printed lugs on all their bikes

A build with Campagnolo group set and wheels will set you back around £10K. Not super expensive, but I need help convincing Celine


Q. How have you managed in 2020 with all of its challenges

A. Keep Calm And Carry On.

At some point, probably 2021 ill be in an airport somewhere in the world wishing I was on my bike, but until then I’m getting as many miles in as I can

See you all in December.