New Club Bike Box

As agreed at the AGM the club have purchased a more up to date bike box.

The black Bonza box that we now have, and which is free to use for Club Members, features:

  • Lockable catches.
  • High quality foam protective padding.
  • Internal Velcro retention straps and anti crush support struts.
  • Easy glide high quality wheels.
  • Fits all makes and sizes of bikes (excluding tandems before you ask Jorj! ;-)
  • Fits most wheel sizes from 26 inch to a 29r and all road wheels.
  • Weight limit for the box is 32kgs.
  • Weight ~12.0kg. (+/- 5%)
  • Dimensions ~124 x 94 x 34 cm

Stuart has kindly offered to store it at his CarBox unit and manage the bookings. If you want to hire it just email him at making it clear you want to reserve the club box.

Stuart can also offer additional boxes if you need them (i.e. going with mates, partner etc). He usually charge £5 per day with 10% discount over 10 days but will reduce this to £4 per day still with the 10% discount over 10 days.

Of course if you want to buy your own new Bonza box Stuart can also help, and if you are a 2019 club member you will get a10% discount.