Doing the usual...the Clock Tower ride 28th Jan 2018

We used to write up our weekly rides regularly but I have got a bit lazy in the past few months so this is an attempt to reinstate the 'ride report' for the clock tower ride.

Using the new Whatsapp group (any members reading this who would like to be added to the group let me know - my number is 07885 498775) we prearranged the route and had a good idea of who would be there. We had decided on our 'usual' route (although we haven't ridden this for a fair while) in advance so knew we had a few hills to do.

Not a good start for Gurpal though as his handlebars snapped in half before he even got there, so it was a group of 7 (Valentin, Dave D, me, Mark, John, Hewan, Dean) who set off through Twyford, up through Playhatch and, as a slight variation to normal, up to Stoke Row. Hewan had had something in his weetabix this morning and was doing a great job at keeping up with John and Dean - I will have some of that please!

From Stoke Row it was the usual trip to Christmas Common, Stokenchurch and down to Marlow. We were all up for a shot of caffeine by now, and Valentin needed to eat his weight in cake and wraps so we decided to stop in Higginson Park in Marlow - too many mums and dads watching their kids in the park and a very long queue so we moved on to Bourne End to the Costa where a very pleasant coffee stop was had.

Back home after that, I made it around 50 miles at an average speed of 15.5 mph - not bad considering it was a windy day, and one of those wind directions where it felt like there as a headwind all the time.