Bicycle, Helmet and Clothing Check

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Bike, Helmet and Clothing Check

Prior to any rider taking part in a Go-Ride or Go-Race session a simple check of the riders clothing, helmet and bicycle are carried out.

Bike Safety Check

BMX Trick pegs - for safety reason these should be removed if group riding is included in the session.


Helmet Check

All cyclist participating in a coaching session conducted by a British Cycling licensed coach must wear a cycling helmet.

The helmet should have a CE mark and conform to an appropriate standard such as BS EN 1078:1997 or SNELL B95

Check that the helmet is fitted and worn correctly.

The front strap should be as vertical as possible and the rear strap should join the front strap just below the ear (forming a "V" just below the ears)

The helmet should fit comfortably - If you try to move the helmet there should be very little movement.

If you slide the helmet off the head either backwards or forwards you need to adjust and tighten the straps - always get the rider to take the helmet off before adjusting their straps



Clothing Check

When checking the clothing we are look out for:

Baggy clothing - this can get caught in the moving parts

Trousers and tracksuit bottoms should be tucked in - this is to prevent them becoming entangled in the chain

All cyclist must wear shoes, with shoe laces tucked in.

The clothing must be suitable for the weather and environmental conditions, eg warmth, waterproof etc.