The Committee

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The club committee are a group of members, elected by the club membership, who run the club on behalf of the membership, and the various committee positions are described on the Roles page. Club members, once logged in to the site, can view committee members contact details here. Any club member can put themselves forward for a position on the committee, with the elections taking place at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in November each year.

At the AGM we also vote for any proposals to change the club's constitution and for any other major changes to the club's operating procedures. A summary is also given by each committee member of the previous year. All club members are encouraged to attend the AGM. Minutes of the AGM are available to members here.

As well as at the AGM, the committee get together a number of times during the year to transact club business and minutes of these meetings are available here. Any club member can raise issues to be discussed at committee meetings and can attend in person if they wish. You should contact the General Secretary if you wish to raise an issue at the next committee meeting.