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Club TT Helpers Roster - 2014

We need your help - Please Volunteer - use this form

Lining up volunteers to help run our club time trials has always been a challenge involving last minute pleas to the membership on a weekly basis. This year we have decided to ask volunteers to nominate dates when they can help ahead of time. With nearly 100 members in the club we should not have difficulty running these events but without willing volunteers there is a real risk that events will have to be cancelled.

Club Run Start Times

Clock Tower Club Run - Sunday's at 0900 from Maidenhead Station Car Park

Bird Hills Club Run - Sunday's at 0830 from Bird Hills Golf Course Entrance on Drift Road

Did the groups pride and ego take a beating today?

On this gray but mild late October Sunday a group of around 11 turned up.  I didn’t do a full count to be sure.  Dan and Tom who have been out with the Clock Tower ride decided to join us today.  The route suggested was the classic route to Pishill with a detour at Stoner.

Two quick weeks

I am not sure we can really call ourselves the medium paced run at the moment - we have just done 2 very quick weeks compared to our usual speed. Last week we did a variation on the reliability ride- and managed a pace of just under 18mph, and I thought that was a fluke....but maybe it wasn't...

Club HC - Hill Climb - 05 October 2014

Event type: 
HC - Hill Climb

Club Hill Climb Championships

Andy Warby
Winning Time: 

Bird Hills group supporting the club hill climb event

Today’s Bird Hills ride was combined with the club hill climb event. Sarah arrived at the golf club for the first time today along with Dan.  Mike wasn’t feeling well so went home before starting.  Colin and Stuart were also present.  If others turned up, sorry about the lack of a mention as I went straight to the Clock Tower.  Sarah Looked in bright spirts after her first ride with the Bird Hills group back to her usual starting point at the clock tower.

Not quite so fast...

Reading the Bird Hills group write up of Sunday mornings ride, I thought I had better write the Clock Tower version up - as it was somewhat slower. Having said that, we were not hanging around too much...

How quickly can we ride on a sunny Sunday morning.

On what was a gorgeous early Autumn day for riding, 7 turn up at the golf club (Dan, Mark, Matthew, George, Stuart, and myself).  After shorting out the excuses for poor performance during the ride, it was decided to do the standard Pishill route with an extra loop at the end to allow those struggling or with time pressure to peel off.

Hilly 30 Start sheet now available

This Sunday's Hilly 30 Start Sheet is now available here.

Club 25 Mile Time Trial - 07 September 2014

Event type: 
25 Mile Time Trial

Senior/Ladies/Junior/Juvenile '25' Championship

22deg C, Wind : light variable
Andrew Payne
Winning Time: 
Place No Name Club lap 1 lap 2 
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