10tt on 13th August H10/10 Drift Road - Information

We have got a large field of about 50 riders..

We will email out a start list around Wednesday lunch time with your number and start time.  This is likely to be based on the order the emails are received. Last week I received a serious complaint from Bird Hill Golf club, which I am currently addressing as the person responible for suggesting parking thier without formal approval.

Other points to note:

- Please ride out if at all possible. If driving please find an appropriate place to park on the public highway.  This doesnt include the actual course, with 200m of the sign-on area in Winkfield Lane and DEFINATELY NOT Bird Hills Golf Club, which is private property and we DO NOT have approval to park on their gounds.  Anyone parking at Bird Hills will be disqualified which could lead to a 6-12 month ban from entering Time Trial events.

-  Riders can warmup on the course, but please go round in a clockwise direction to avoid too much congestion.

- After racing, return your number to the box at the sign on area.  After dropping off your number, please continue on along Winkfield Lane to Maidens Green / A330.  Turn right and make your way back yo the golf club.  This appplies to riders no 1-50 with the aim of not having racers and riders going home travelling in the same direction along the Drift Road.

- Social distancing of 2m must be used at all times and don't form groups of more than 6 people

- Payment in cash when signing on and collecting your number.  Put the money in the box provided.  If you bring the correct money, no handling of money is required by anyone.

- Hand sanitiser will be provided at the sign on desk.  Please use it before and after sign-on

- Bring your own pencil or pen for signing on.

- Sign on will open about 45min before the start of racing. racing starts at 19.00, so sign on will open at 18.15

- no pusher off.  everyone will need to self start

- Arrive at the start line 3-4 mins before your start time.

- all race numbers post race to be placed in a designated container at the sign-on area for cleaning off site

- No stopping or returning to the finish.  Anyone doing so will be DQ'ed.

- no clothes or other stuff to be left with the starter.


If you have any questions, please email andrewpayne52@hotmail.com

This table lists the dates / courses along with the maximum number of riders we can allow.  The numbers are based on sunset times.












The full Risk Accessment is found here: