Unfortunately, Coronavirus/COVID-19 restricts how we operate as a club but where possible we aim to provide activities within current guidelines. 


Maidenhead and District Cycling Club is currently: Tier 4


Maidenhead and Disctrict Cycling Club currently adheres to guidance provided by British Cycling. For the complete picture on the rules applying to Tiers 1-4, please visit their website here. A summary of the current guidelines and how they apply to our club are as follows.


Tier 4: All club, group and recreation programme activities in England in Tier 4 areas are suspended.


Tiers 1, 2 and 3: Club activities can resume in England in Tiers 1, 2 and 3, and should still be limited to six riders. All participants should ensure that they comply with relevant travel guidance.

Multiple groups of six are permitted to begin their rides at the same location, however groups should be kept wholly separate, start times should be staggered and they should take different routes if possible to prevent groups from merging together during the ride.

Clubs and groups are now able to ride 'one metre plus mitigations' apart in all circumstances, rather than having to maintain a two metre gap. The 'mitigations' listed by the UK Government include being outdoors and being side-to-side (avoiding face-to-face contact), both of which are achieved in group riding.


New membership for 2021 remains open and you may apply online here.