Coaching kids in Windsor

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On Tuesday the MDCC coaches, assisted by Malcolm Brewer, hosted a go-ride coaching day at Oakfield School in Windsor in support of the Clewer Extended Schools project. The weather was kind to us and the sun shone all day. The day was organised by Kate Saunders and was so popular that we needed three separate groups to accomodate everyone.

Each group started the day with a 45 minute go-ride skills session, ran by Nigel Shurben and Andy Richardson, assisted by Philip Richardson and Malcolm Brewer. Much fun was had by the children, and we even had one or two of the parents take part in the session. After a 30 minute break for refreshements each group took part in a bike maintenence session hosted by Paul Richardson. One prop that Paul used for the session was a dangerously unsafe bike that the children were asked to examine. They did remarkably well and found most of the problems.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, including the coaches, and a number of parents inquired about leisure rides and local bike clubs. It looks that there may be enough interest for us to organise some guided leisure rides during the summer, maybe to Jubilee River or Windsor Great Park, and who knows, maybe an MDCC junior section might result.

For those who took part in the session, we would appreciate your feedback on the day to help us improve what we offer. You can email with your feedback.

Andy hands out the bottles

Paul shows how to fix a puncture

Nigel and Andy explain what to do