West London Combine "25"

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This morning, Sunday 11th April, five club members Julian Fairley, Andrew Payne, Gurpel Panesar, Rob Brockwell and Nigel Shurben attended the WLC 25 on the CC114.

This is a rolling course just outside Great Missenden. As none of the club members had ridden this course before there was the usual discussion regarding at which roundabout do you turn. Andrew and Rob had warmed up by riding the 16 miles to the HQ from Maidenhead. The other three had taken the easier route of getting there by car.

As this was a WLC event all the our riders were set off one minute apart,one after the other. The road surface was quite good and the weather was clear but quite cold. Ther was a light breeze which didn't help or hinder the riders.

Over the post ride cup of tea and cake Gurpel mentioned that he had set a PB of 1:17:03. Rob fininshed in 1:07:00, Andrew was quicker by 5mins with a time of 1:02:20, Julian was just short of the hour in 1:00:38. I was quite happy with 1:12:44.