Club Reliability Ride - Sun 26th Feb

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Great to see 22 club members out for the annual Reliabilty Ride on a blustery Sunday.



It was unfortunate that Mark was an initial DNS due to a faulty tyre valve.  Hopefully that was the only mechanical problem on the day.  The gusty wind made it particularly difficult for the first section heading out to Swallowfield and also towards the finish, although by then at least the sun was out and it did stay dry throughout.  As promised, I stayed at the back with a group that varied between 4 and 5 and got back to Bird Hills at about 12:45.  Looking at Strava it seems most of the rest of the field made it there about an hour earlier.  I hope everyone had a good morning and managed to follow the route ok.  I am told however that I need to work out how to add the turn by turn instructions on to a gpx track for next time.