Brathay 262

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In 2010, I spent a year of my life training to break the world record at the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days. I ran a marathon (or 2!) every weekend, did a lot of training, everything went really well, but then with the car packed, and with 48 hours to go, things weren’t quite so good, out of apparently nowhere, I ended up with multiple significant bilateral pulmonary embolisms (lots of large blood clots on the lungs in normal speak)

One can kill you, I had about 40 over both lungs, so instead spent the time I should have been running in hospital with tubes sticking out of me attached to an oxygen tank. Hardly ideal but I lived to tell the tale, was incredibly lucky and at least I found out I had a genetic blood disorder that needs daily medication before I couldn’t do anything about it. By 2011, when I was going to go back and do it again, my right foot had fallen apart with a PF rupture, tumours and all sorts. My marathon days are now behind me, but this year, the Brathay 262 cycling event has been created, this has finally given me a chance to go somewhere near completing what still eats away at me. On Friday I will be riding the 10 marathons (262 miles) with 11 other cyclists in one day. I cannot mess it up this time as I’m very grateful for the chance to almost put this right despite it being on wheels not feet! I have done a few 200 and 300k rides, as well as a 400 and 600k this year, so have some miles in my legs, but this will be my last distance event for a long while as I'm retiring from it after this. I would be very grateful for everyone who can sponsor me to (finally) complete 10 laps of Windermere, Brathay is an amazing charity helping disadvantaged children, and it will give me some encouragement hauling myself up the hills for 10 laps- the marathon is far from flat, and the Devils Gallop by lap 10 won't be funny. Please mention my name in the comments on the justgiving page as it’s a joint one. Thanks so much :)