Club Social Ride - Wessex Sprint - Sun 8th May

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I would like to invite you all to take part on a club social ride which takes us out west and through some lovely parts of the area. I did this ride a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so much I felt it was worth doing in a larger group with mixed ability.
The distance is 78.5 miles and takes on a variety of road surfaces. Most suited for good road bikes and there will be a planned pub stop at exactly the half way mark for us to re-fill bottles and recharge.
I hope to achieve a minimum of 15mph average so we can clear the course in under 6 hours. The course is fairly flat and so doable for a lot of you I am sure.
I am looking for a date in May to do the ride. Tentatively the 8th May and feel free to suggest alternative dates and I will try to find one that suits.
Ride will start from the Birds Hill golf course at 09:00 am.
Please indicate your interest to take part to and depending on the numbers we will arrange one or more groups on the day.
Kind regards,
Rob O'Keefe