Mike Henley's report on the recent 24 hour TT that he rode

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I acknowledge the 24 hour TT is a bit of a specialist event - it attracts a lot of entries from riders who are into various endurance formats (e.g. UMCA, Audax) as well as regular TTers.  A 24 is as much about food and fluids, coping with sleep deprivation and staying comfortable in an aero position as it is power profiles.
When we each entered the 24 hour National, Joe Francis and myself had both assumed we'd be the lone member of the club taking part, until the start sheet was published.  I was setting out with a target of 400 (and a ride plan that should achieve 414), Joe's declared target was the club record, 406.
Both myself and Joe had each managed to drag a couple of family members into being our respective support crews.
At the HQ on Saturday morning it was clear there would be a real mixture of machines and levels of support.
Being an almost unknown, I was starting 22nd, whilst Joe having a 50 in CTT results was starting 49th.
We wished each other the best on the start line, and I set off at 13:22.
The course is structured so that a support crew can base themselves near to one roundabout, and will be guaranteed to see their rider at least every 40 miles.  This is what my support crew did, and that worked out perfectly.  There is so much cheering and encouragement coming from the supporters for all riders that the atmosphere is incredible.
During the race the paths of Joe and myself did cross.  I passed Joe, and he said to me afterwards that this gave him a bit of a kick up the arse, he lifted his pace, and a few minutes later came back past me.
The weather on the day was far from perfect - wind was a feature for most of the race, especially on 20 miles of the 40 mile loop, and it rained for about four hours during darkness.  At least the sun was shining for my finish!
I kept to my ride plan very well - 100 miles in first 5 hours, 220 in first 12 hours.  My final (official revised) distance was 413.97 miles (ranked 21st)
Joe finished on 423.78 (ranked 16th).
So we both broke the existing club record, but my congratulations go to Joe on becoming the new club record holder.
The winner, Michael Broadwith, set a new course record with an incredible 537.35, on his first 24 hour!
First woman was Lynne Biddulph with 412.45.
Great race, great organisation, amazing atmosphere.  Give it a try next year, you'll never forget it.  And that club record is still within reach.  And an MDCC woman could prevent Lynne from taking her 4th title in a row.