Thank you & Newcastle to London

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Thank you all very much for my lovely wedding card- brilliant card and a lovely thought. I do plan to actually get to tomorrows TT to do my last one with my current name before committing myself to an old bald bloke for the rest of my life. Weather in Greece looks awesome at the moment tho so can't wait to get out there.

While I'm here, I do lots of sporty things and never ask for sponsorship, but I'm doing a big ride when I get back to raise money for a charity that a school friend set up when she went through the tragedy of stillbirth to her daughter Lily Mae. If going to ask people to sponsor me, I thought I had better properly commit to it, as asking others to commit to you as well- it's only fair to put some proper work in yourself!!! So I have spent 6 months riding god knows how many sportives and 200ks, every weekend, 5 x 300ks, a 400k and a ridiculously hard 600k in the welsh mountains, as well as a stupid amount of midweek miles morning and evening. Plus running and gym stuff. So despite a couple of weeks in Kefalonia I should be ready.

The ride is from Newcastle to London on 22nd August, 310 miles which needs to be done in less than 24 hours. My justgiving link is

I can't wait for it to be over now and get back to some faster, shorter TT training ready for a fast year next year with no wedding in the middle of the season!!!