Ride London 100 2015 - start times and transport

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As the previous topic got rather unwieldy, here is a new one to discuss start times and transport/sharing lifts etc.


(I will edit this top post to include all start times, so email me when you have them)


Start times:

06:03  Orange/A    Stu Auckland

06:24   Blue/D        Lee Kettle/Andy Waters/David Booth/Sebastien Burley

06:39  Orange/G   John Irwin

07:24  Blue/E         Taran Panesar

07:36  Green/B      Sarah Davies

07:39  Orange/      Jon Elliott

08:15  Pink/F         Elsa Santos

08:30  Blue/F         David Dyer/Pedro Bento/Mike Woods/Nigel Shurben


(also riding: Robert Attreed/John Irwin/Andy Crawshaw)