Silverstone 9 Team TT

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I was lucky enough to race with RP Racing on Friday night in their mixed team which was made of 7 males, 2 females, an age range of about 25 years from youngest to oldest and a wide range of abilities. This was at the Silverstone race circuit and a big thanks to Steve an Ed Giles for the invite.

Add in no previous practice, needing to make sure the 2 females finished (need 5 to finish with a 3/2 split) and fierce head/cross winds, it was certainly an interesting challenge.......However we placed 2nd out of 11 teams! All previous tactics and plans fell apart for 3 laps (11 miles) but we held together for the finish.

It was a great event for charity, with 2 teams per garage (in the proper ones), electronic timing and 9 pusher's for the start in the pit lane. The warm sunshine helped too and it was nice to get on the podium with the team. Ed's team went brilliantly too coming in 10th out of all teams/catergories.

We definitely need to get a Maidenhead team entered next year. With a strong TT contingent and our ability to fly with through and off when we concentrate, plus some really strong ladies, we can field a great team. 


P.S. If you see any pics, yes I'm chunky, but what do you expect when you have to fit into one of Ed's small tops!! :-)