Aero bars/pursuit bars to borrow + rear track wheel to buy/borrow

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Hi all

I’m doing the Individual Pursuit at the Junior Track Nationals Week on August 8th. For this year, John Percy (MDCC track sec.) has very kindly lent me a track bike. I’ve finally bought my own track bike, however, I need some aero bars /+ base bars. For a one off event I’d struggle to justify the additional cost.

Therefore, I’d really appreciate it if anyone could lend me some. I own both 27.xmm and 31.xmm clamp stems and have a torque wrench if needed.
I’d guard them with my life (!!!) and could return them v. soon afterwards- from the 9th onwards.
My email is
Thanks so much,

PS: If anyone has a rear track wheel suitable for indoor use to lend that would be fantastic, but can also purchase one. Have used Look Keos + new cleats for part exchange if useful at all.