10 Thames Bridges 100km Audax

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6 of us Dan, David B, Rob, Gurpal, Mark and I enjoyed one of the first warm days of the year today to take part in our local audax.  Unfortunately a puncture just one mile into the ride meant the MDCC team were soon behind the rest of the field.


Where is the support car when you need it?


However we soon caught up with the laggards including a Japanese couple taking lots of photos, a lady with bright pink leg warmers and a Rod Stewart look-alike (you get all sorts on an Audax).  6 Thames Bridges including Hambledon Weir followed and a few hills, but we made it round to Dinton Pastures for a coffee stop.  Most of us followed the route sheet slavishly, but Gurpal took a few alternative routes based on his extensive local knowledge.


Outside in the sun.


The way back was much flatter taking parts of our two southern TT courses and Windsor Great Park.  Mark, Dan and David raced ahead to order the ice creams at Jenners Cafe whilst I couldn't keep up after having to stop to chase my route sheet across Eton Wick moor after it was dislodged by the effect of the cattle grid.


66 miles completed in 5h39m (including stops) which was just 10 mins slower than last year.