Open tt results for week ending 19th July 2015 - Big mileage in the National 24hr

This weeks top performers must be our two riders doing the national 24hr tt.

Joe Francis         423.78 and 16th place

Micheal Henley   413.97 and 21st place

63 riders completed the event with Michael Broadwith being the winner with 537.35 miles.   A very well done to Joe and Michael and the other who also took part in the event.

Else where irders out for a warm up by comparision

Danuta Tinn - 56:52 for a 25tt in Wales

Andrew Payne 57:3x on H25/8

Tim Seddon  DNS on H25/8

Clock tower run - ideas for forming 2 groups - please read and comment!

11 of us turned out this morning for the clock tower run, on a much sunnier day than we could have possibly have hoped for. There were plenty of regulars, some newish faces and one completely new lady who was new to cycling from being a runner. After a bit of discussion we decided to do a few hills, and once we got to Frieth we would make a decision whether to go back up to Stokenchurch or carry on a flatter route through the Hambledon Valley.

Club 50tt results

This open event was well supported with 7 members being on the start list, which is more than I can remember in recent times.  The championship was part the the West London CA event on H50/1 - the A4 betweeen Pangbourne and Thatcham.   Riders were faced with a stiff South Westerly breeze which made heading to Thatcham tuff going especailly from Pangbourne to Aldermaster.   Heading west, maintaining 20-22mph was hard work, but 28-30mph was less challenging heading east.

Weekend 5th July Open time trial results.

I'm currently aware of the following events our riders took part in :

Tim Seddon  H25/1 1:04:01  - A4 between Theale and Thatcham

Danuta Tinn A25/11 0:57:38 - A50 between Etwall and Uttoxeter

Andrew Payne GS/189 34.55 - a lumpy 14.2 course at Faygate nr Crawley


Next Sunday we have 7 riders competing for the 50 mile championship on H50/1 on the a4 between Theale and Thatcham

Clock Tower Ride - 5th July (including that photo you've all been asking for!!)

The nice weather brought a big turnout of 12 riders at the Clock Tower this morning (possibly the highest number so far this year?).  Just before 9:00 we saw a large group from Bird Hills go past heading off on what looked to be a long and fast ride out towards Thame.

25M TT 5th July Cancelled

The curse of roadworks has hit us again with emergency water work repairs in progress at Hawthorn Hill. Having spoken to Southeastwater they will be there until Monday and given riders will encounter them 3 times we’ve decided to cancel.

Week ending 28th June Open TT results

Star perforrmer this weekend goes to Heather for knocking 80sec of her 25tt pb, bringing it down to 57.21 at a course near Newmarket.  On Sunday morning Stuart raced on the H10/17r nr Kingston Bagpuize (the other side of Abingdon) in a 21.33 clearly feeling better from Thursday club TT.  On Saturday afternoon myself and Jorj went to Bentley H10/8.  Jorj completed in 24:xx and I did a course pb in 22.03.

4th annual Box Hill club ride - 28 June

18 club members and guests rode this morning's trip to Box Hill and back.  The weather was fine on the way there and also at Box Hill but showers hit us on the return journey.  I was in a slower group of 7 on the way back but from chatting to those there at the golf club afterwards I think everyone stayed mostly en route and made it back safely.


Club Ride to Box Hill - this Sunday 28th June

This Sunday we have a Club Ride to Box Hill and back leaving Bird Hills at 8:00.  I have sent an email with details to all members.  If you didn't get it you can contact me at or 07714 314925.  


I also proposed a trip to ride the London Olympic velodrome.  Again if you haven't seen this, contact me for details.



And a quick clock tower one too...

And a quick write up of he Clock tower...which was also fairly brisk!

8 of us today - Dave Booth and I in club tops, everyone else was either new or fairly new and Jane brought her Dad along for a fathers day 'treat' (he was down from Manchester and a very strong rider)

We did the reliability route - as I wasn't sure about everyones level of riding so wanted to keep it fairly flat, and one of the guys needed to get back and lived in Bracknell. I needn't have worried - there were some strong riders out there today.

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