Ed Giles Wins Three Trophies!

Junior Ed Giles managed in the 6 months up until the end of June to take three Club Awards.

MDCC 2014 Ladies BAR

Danuta Tinn  has again taken the Ladies Best All Rounder Trophy. Although she had a more relaxed year as far as she was concerned she still clinched the  title with two long 21's for the two tens and a medium and short 57 for the two twenty fives.  These are times of which  many of our members can only dream.   Well Done Danuta!

The Record Breaking Club '50' Team is awarded the IG Dryland Trophy

The I G Dryland Trophy that is awarded each year to usually the rider that has produced the best performance in a road race or time trial is this year awarded jointly to our Club '50' team that took the team record below 6 hours for the first time.   Stuart Auckland, Andrew Payne and Simon Greenland took nearly 9 minutes off the record set 2 years ago to record a time of 5:58:24 in the WLCA '50' . Well done to the whole team.  Their individual times were:-

Andrew: 01:58:28

Stu: 01:58:43

Simon: 02:01:13

The David Addaway Tankard goes to Stuart Auckland

The David Addaway Tankard awarded by the committee to the member that they think has made a great contribution to club activities over the year goes this year to Stuart Auckland.

Fairly quick on a bright sunny winters day

There were 7 of us at the Clock Tower on this misty but mild morning. We felt a bit sorry for Malcolm going off on his own - no takers for the slow group this week, although some were tempted by the idea of a ride for coffee at Dinton Pastures! The other 6 decided we would take a ride towards Beaconsfield as 3 of us are heading up that was for a 200km Audax next Saturday.

Misty Chilterns and how fast can we go!!

On this misty Sunday morning would the group hammer round at summer pace or follow the general recommendations to easy off during the winter.  Things didn’t look promising as Tom turned up wanting to borrow a pump and had a broken spoke in the front wheel.  Stuart still has his extra wide tyres which appear good at through up more muck than 23mm tyres.  Heathers expectation was for lasting an hour before bailing out.  Sam came by car.  Besides myself, Dan and Mike were also raring to going.

16th Nov - Bird Hills ride - Disc brakes and cloud services.

A highly motivated team of 8 turned up at the golf club to today’s dash around the Chilterns.  With myself, Brett and Stuart present there was concern we were in for another fast ride.  Before setting off, a round of insults / criticisms was got in with most of them aimed at Stuart.  I missed last weeks ride, but sounded likes Stuarts new BMC complete with cable operated disc brakes didn’t stop very well.  Brett turned up without water bottles, so we set of to Holyport all hoping for early bacon butties which never materialised.

Sportive Trophy 2014

The sportive scene continued to grow in 2014 with a wide variety of events available.  Surely a club record turnout for a sportive was achieved with the 19 club members who took part in this year's Ride London 100.  It was just a shame that the route (rightly) had to be shortened as a result of torrential rain.

Did the groups pride and ego take a beating today?

On this gray but mild late October Sunday a group of around 11 turned up.  I didn’t do a full count to be sure.  Dan and Tom who have been out with the Clock Tower ride decided to join us today.  The route suggested was the classic route to Pishill with a detour at Stoner.

Two quick weeks

I am not sure we can really call ourselves the medium paced run at the moment - we have just done 2 very quick weeks compared to our usual speed. Last week we did a variation on the reliability ride- and managed a pace of just under 18mph, and I thought that was a fluke....but maybe it wasn't...

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