Bird Hills Club Ride 11 Feb 2018

There were four riders out today (would have been five but one missed the start), and again all four of us (Andrew, Brett, Mike and Rob H) were in club kit.

We again decided to give the Chilterns a miss, due to last night’s weather, and headed off on one of the “traditional” routes to Pangbourne, with some small deviations.

Guide Dogs Tour of Berkshire Sportive 2018

We have been sent the following details of a local sportive:

Bird Hills Club Ride 04 Feb 2018

It was good to see all five of the riders (Andrew, Brett, Mike, Pete and Rob H) who braved the cold and wind arriving in club kit, and the group looked very “professional”.

It was decided to give the Chilterns a miss due to the recent weather and the risk of punctures.

The 'unreliability' ride

A cold but sunny morning for the 7 of us who decided to recce the reliability ride which we will redo later this month - Dave D, Hewan, Dean, Taran, me, new member Simon and a guest appearance from Rob O Keefe from the Birds Hill group. On leaving the station to head towards Twyford a split occurred early on with Rob, Dean and Hewan powering off trailing the rest of us - Dean was supposed to be taking it easy with a chest infection but the temptation to ride with Rob was just too much!

Doing the usual...the Clock Tower ride 28th Jan 2018

We used to write up our weekly rides regularly but I have got a bit lazy in the past few months so this is an attempt to reinstate the 'ride report' for the clock tower ride.

Using the new Whatsapp group (any members reading this who would like to be added to the group let me know - my number is 07885 498775) we prearranged the route and had a good idea of who would be there. We had decided on our 'usual' route (although we haven't ridden this for a fair while) in advance so knew we had a few hills to do.

Future Events

The Club Reliability Ride will be held on - Sun 25 Feb - Save The Date

This annual 50 mile event will start from Bird Hills Golf Club at 8:45am. It is a great opportunity for members to meet up (if only at the start and finish!) There are usually 3 or 4 groups covering the route at various speeds, so it is suitable for all members.


Day” Long Club Rides

Another Discount offer for 2018 Members

If you are after stem caps, headset covers or spacers have a look at club member Jorj James website at

Jorj is offering a 10% discount for club members on these items.

Discounts for 2018 Club Members

The club have negotiated discounts with the following three local companies:

Sams Bike Shop

01344 360922

Sams is a Specialized outlet and he has 40 years’ experience in the bike industry.  

Club members will get a 10% discount on shop prices.


07891 425865

TT Cancelled - 7th September

The TT is cancelled due to roadworks on the M4 flyover (back part of the course). The roadworks are significant and it's not viable to race especially as a multi lap course.

TT 10th August Cancelled

Due to roadworks on the Drift Road tonight's TT is cancelled.

The location of them within an national speed limit section plus being on one of the faster parts of the course means it isn't safe.

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