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We started writing our rides up again! And what better time than on a day when we had 10 riders at the clock tower, 4 of which were new members, and 3 of whom were ladies! Hoorah - a third of the riders were ladies - it was great to see and both the new ladies said they would be back, so thats fantastic.

2015 Club 10 Handicap now up and running

The club 10 handicap competition is now up and running and can be found here. If your name is not on the list it is because you have not paid your subs.

Joe Francis is already off to a flying start and has obviously been training hard over the winter.

Report from Hilly 30 on Sunday 8th March 2015

Hi Folks,

This link shows the provisional results and a short race report from today's hilly 30tt.

A big thanks to those who stood around on a fresh windy day to help make the event a success.  The sun didn't shine as promised.

The formal results will be published in the next couple of days.


Andrew Payne

Championship Dates

Hi, the following dates are pencilled in for our championship dates. They're in the calender too:

Time Trial Dates and Books

Hi - the club related dates are now on the calendar - club events, Open's run by the club plus the West London Combined events.


I also have the books available - both the CTT and West London ones, £10 and £6 respectively. If you'd like one please get in touch -



From the Archive- Looking Forward to a New Season - 1955

Maidenhead Cycling and Athletic Club Summer Programme for 1955

We have in the archive a selection of Maidenhead programmes from the 50's through to the 70's and I thought it might interest members to see what the Club had planned for the season 60 years ago. 

Clock tower run 11th Jan 15

It was a somewhat milder start to the day than last week (only 3 of us made it then, and only 2 finished - it was so cold - so I didn't write it up!) and 8 of us met at the Clock Tower. 3 new riders Matt, Derek and Charlie (who has been out with Birds Hill before) joined Dave D, Dan, Rob and myself whilst Malcolm set off for home straight away (we did see Brian on the road to Twyford so maybe they managed to hitch up). We decided to do the usual route today, as it gives new riders opportunities to head home if they are struggling.

From the Archive, Bill Hens and Tony Deadman


Nearly 25 years ago York Films made a short series of films for BBC 2 on the invention and development of the bicycle over the last 150 years both in its technical and social aspects.

MDCC 2014 Championships

Senior and Veteran Best All Rounder Trophy


This years BAR winner of the A J Green Trophy is Gurpal Panesar. Gurpal had a steady year but competed in the three qualifying distances, 25, 50 and a 100 miles to take the trophy with an average speed of 18.45 mph.

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